FARGO - The new inforum.com website launched Tuesday morning, Oct. 23, and with that comes change. Here is a breakdown of how to navigate the new site on all devices, including mobile, tablet and desktop. We also answer some frequently asked questions you may have about the new site.

Mobile, Tablet

If you are on the new inforum.com and are using a mobile device, you can find the latest news, weather, sports, business, entertainment, opinion, lifestyle, milestones and obituaries by clicking on the icon on the top left of your screen. The icon is three horizontal, black lines. Upon clicking the icon, you will then see a drop-down menu featuring every category on inforum.com.

After clicking on the "news" category, for example, you can navigate by simply scrolling up and down the page to find a story.

If you'd like to go back to the home page, simply click on the new InForum logo at the top of the screen.

If you're searching for a specific story on the new website, click the icon at the top-left of the screen to initiate the drop-down menu. After you've initiated the drop-down menu, a search bar will appear.

If you're looking for specific subcategories of news within a category, you can access those in a drop-down menu near the top-right of the screen. For example, if you were to click on the "news" tab, you will be brought to the news category page. Once you're on the page, you should see a gray box with the text "More Sections" inside it. By clicking this drop-down menu, you will then be able to access specific subcategories, such as "crime and courts," or "government and politics," for example.

If you've initiated the primary drop-down menu by clicking the icon near the top-right of the screen and would like it to go away, click the "X" icon that replaced the three-lined icon, and it will scroll back up.


There aren't a whole lot of changes you'll notice when navigating the new website using a desktop computer. Your categories are still listed from left-to-right at the top of the page. When clicking on the "news" category, for example, you can now access the subcategories, like "accidents," for example, near the top of the page, just below the advertisement.

If you are looking to search for a specific story, click the magnifying glass icon near the top of the right, just to the right of the "weather" category.

If you're looking to access CarsHQ, JobsHQ, HomesHQ, ApartmentsHQ, Classifieds or Marketplace, you can do so at the top-right corner of the screen.

If at any time you are looking to get back to the inforum.com home page, simply click on the InForum logo at the top-left of the screen.

If you're looking for crosswords, movie times, TV listings or lottery results, those are no longer a part of the new inforum.com website.


To access our FAQ page regarding our new website, click here.