The rain and snow combination on Wednesday, Oct. 10, yielded almost an inch of water here in Fargo-Moorhead, bringing the total for just the first half of October to almost 2.5 inches.

There was an additional 1.75 inches that fell during the last two weeks of September, meaning the mid-September to mid-October period has delivered almost 4.25 inches of precipitation. This is wet, but not record-wet.

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This amount is specific to the gauge at Hector International Airport, but it is safe to say it has been generally wet around the region for the past four weeks. This late in the astronomical year, evaporation rates are very low. Some of this moisture will gradually run off or soak into the soil, but a lot of it will freeze into the ground.

Should next spring be dry, there will be soil moisture in reserve. However, should the spring be wet, this wet fall will make the spring planting season as frustrating for farmers as this harvest season continues to be.