FARGO - The Red River Valley is getting its very first "beercade," a business offering craft beer and an assortment of classic arcade games.

WDAY-TV recently went inside Pixeled Brewing Co., 1100 NP Ave., in downtown Fargo to show you what's in store at this business setting up shop inside the former Union Storage and Transfer building.

Eight different types of original beer and at least 60 arcade machines will line the walls of the beercade, which recently got its liquor license from the city and is now making final touches on the space.

Grant Hicks, the graffiti artist who painted the Space Aliens restaurant in Fargo, was hard at work recently making a "nostalgia-driven" mural to complement the sights and sounds of a true arcade.

From “Dig Dug” to “Darius,” there are video games from all of the industry's generations. Arcade must-haves like “Pac-Man” and “Space Invaders” also make an appearance, while ’90s hits like “The House of the Dead 2” are in.

The business also aims to keep up with current arcade game trends, including with two “Killer Queen” cabs on the floor.

Machines in Pixeled will use custom-made tokens that show an arcade machine clinking with a foamy beer mug, while the other side shows the business logo with a proud “Fargo, ND” stamped on the bottom.

Each play costs 25 cents.

John-Paul Klein, Pixeled’s official "President of the Beers" and one of its founders, wants this place to be a haven for hardcore gamers.

"We're not in it to make money off the machines like your typical arcade is," Klein said. "We're not doing ticket redemption; we don't have crummy prizes that you can cash in your tickets at the end of the day. We want that feeling where you walk in and you're walking into an arcade from when you were a kid."

This unique taproom is the brainchild of Klein and Nick Hill, his business partner.

Roughly three years ago, Klein said the idea sparked in their minds while watching a Fargo Force hockey game.

Since then, they've been collecting and maintaining this expansive and expensive collection of arcade machines while ironing out the paperwork for Pixeled.

He said while keeping decades-old electronic hardware running is a challenge, the two owners get help from a few seasoned experts in the area. They don't have an opening date picked out yet because they still need time to brew the beer.

Customers who don’t drink alcohol will still have beverage options to complement their game time: Pixeled will offer a variety of Italian sodas for order.

Klein said only adults 21 and older will be able to enter when the shop opens, which he hopes will happen by the end of the year.

To keep up with Pixeled’s progress, visit www.facebook.com/pixeled.beer.